The fine line between hero and demon –Review on the episode 5 of Series 3 in Black Mirror

This episode is the satire of the war nature in the national counties and reveals the cowardice in human nature. When we cannot cope with the ruthlessness and atrocity with blood, it seems that every problem will be solved when compelling ourselves to believe it is for the justice. In fact, we just sold our souls and live in the fake glory.


The background of this episode is the future with highly advanced military technology when all the information and communication can be transferred through a chip which was planted into people’s body. Stripe is an intelligent soldier who kills two monsters called “croach”, which is taken as an honor for the service. However, he begins to see the truth because of the breakdown of the chip system.


The truth is that the government try to demolish humans with less qualified genes to give more resources to those whose genes with less deficiencies. But it is difficult in human nature for people to kill each other. In that way, the military authorities develop a kind of dark technology to distort what the soldiers can see into monsters. Then no soldiers would care and hesitate when they pull the trigger to kill someone.


Is that far away from our life? If we deliberate, you may found that this kind of chip has not been invented, yet the main media in our society who control the voices have the same function of the chip. They can beautify or vilify the facts to show what they want to be known by the audience.


Before Stripe knows all of the truth, he takes himself as a hero who spares no efforts in serving the country. But he cannot tackle the reality when he saw what he has done, that he was killing people without any empathy and hesitation, which makes him a totally evil.


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