The entire history of you, Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 3

The truth is always better, no matter it helps or hurts.

That is what I believe all the time in my life.

We always take time as the cure for every pain we have been through, because time will let us forget many details. And the truth is that your brain is likely to keep those delightful memories and filter those suffering ones automatically.

When the technology make people can storage all the memories precisely in a small chip in your body, and you can choose to play it back over and over again, even magnify every detail you want, things can be crazy.

In that kind of world, the main character Liam planted a seed of doubt in his heart. As the seed grows, he cannot help digging out more details and evidence to verify what he has in mind. When he was approaching the truth, he becomes more and more painful. The final cruel truth destroyed his life and his wife left him with the child.

Life is tough and complicated full of beautiful and ugly secrets.  Not everyone has the courage to reveal the mask and face the bloody truth. It is a disaster when you find out what you once believed, loved, insisted are holy shit. People have initial curiosity about what they are not sure and always want to know more about the loved ones, yet sometimes can be too obsessed with it which makes thing bad. When you firstly find something cruel and evil in your reality, you may learn to close one eye to make life much easier next time. But if you choose to hunt for the truth and face the blood, you have to suffer the results yourself.

I have done that once. I keep comforting myself that it is always better to know the truth for years. And I would never know if life would be better to not know it in the first place.

But at least I know that life is short and all the beautiful things has some ugly and dark part inside. And we have to learn how to compromise with ourselves, with our life in the reality.

Maybe next time, for the entire history of you, I just know a little part of that and have no intention to know more.


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