The one in your life ——How I met your mother

It is a sitcom that keeps me company in my whole university life, which witnessed that period of fantasy with laughter and tears.

The plot development in How I met your mother follows the main character, Ted, who is looking for the one with ups and downs, and his friends in New York city. The stories are all about love, friendship and family with funny and moving moments.

It is the best movie interpreting the different looks of love.

The relationship between Lily and Marshall is probably the ideal for most of us. They meet each other at a young age, fall in love and get married after a long-term relationship. Maybe they both are a little coward or imperfect before they meet each other. However, this couple are just perfect for each other and make each other into better persons. Of course they get through some ups and downs in the course, yet they choose to sick to each other and pace the way out. No hurt feelings by other people and meeting the right person in the right place at the right time. Isn’t that the love most of us looking forward to?

Another main character, Barney Stinson, the player king of New York is like some combination of ideal and reality. Key words about him is nothing but legen-wait for it-dary, suit up and awesome. He is rich with a job which is not revealed until the last season, good at chasing after girls and never gets involved in any responsibilities.  The plot set is that he used to be innocent and loyal as a boy who has got hurt during the first relationship, which made him a totally playboy who only wants to have fun after that. But just like man in reality who finally will meet someone to settle down, Barney and Robin makes a perfect couple who are both awesome with similar personalities. They changed their initial minds to settle down for each other.


Ted’s experience of looking for the one is more like people in reality. He looks for the one among thousands of people in the world, gets hurt by several relationships, but always believe in love and keeps trying. Ted is incredibly romantic and emotional in relationship. He can steal a blue French horn for a girl he just met and easily say “I love you” to scare the girl off. He can learn the ridiculous raining dance to chasing after girls. He can decide not to move to another city because of one girl he newly knows. People get hurt in relationships in reality life like Ted, but not all of us can keep trying and exert every effort to love in each relationship. It’s lucky with destiny for those who found the one finally, and many have doubts, hesitations and disappointments before meeting the right person. All we can do is keep going and love bravely. Time tells.

That’s what HIMYM told us about the best in love.


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