The Life in Nosedive-Black Mirror 3

How often do you check your phone every day?

How many people are there staring at the small screen even while walking?

How much time have you spent on social media software like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

How much time do you spend in shooting, picking and editing before posting a perfect photo?

When the addiction to the social media is maximized, it would turn out a score system like in Nosedive, the first episode of Series 3 in Black Mirror.

It is obliviously pure satire of people who give up their real life and do everything for others’ recognition and compliments. In the beginning of Nosedive, the heroine Lacie was looking into the mirror to practice smiling to laughing. The deliberations she took every time to post on her social circles, the anxieties and expectations she suffered when she was waiting for the reply and score from other after posting, the close attention to the phone ringing to check the scores, all of these behaviours build a magnifier reflecting our status in reality sometimes that lots of people share similar experience.

But we have not gone that far luckily. People in the score system have to hide their authentic emotions to impress others. That means any profanity venting negative emotions may lead you a low score. Lacie’s yelling at the airport was a lead of nosediving. When things were turning down, the audience begins to see another world of low-score people. The colour was dark and people’s images were getting real, unlike what you saw in the previous part that everyone was wearing a fake smile on face with nice voice, the colour of clothes, products and background is so gently colourful and delightful with a filter on it seemingly.

You may get annoyed by the pretentious people in the high-score world. Lacie’s deliberate kindness, exaggerated laughters with high-pitched voice looks ridiculous and sad to the audiences. Because she tried so hard to be an up-four person to get better life in the society. But can we blame her for her overexerting herself? What she has done is purely obeying the rules. And when she crossed the line, her score was decreasing fast and led her to a more difficult situation.

This episode shows a society where people lives dependent on scores from other people. The higher score you get, the more resources you can enjoy. In return, the more resources you grasp, the easier you can get a high score. It is just like the society where we live in and the universal rule is that when you make some success, more resources would flush to you creating more opportunities.  Otherwise, what you can do is keeping trying and grasp any slim chance you could have to achieve something. We all do that, we study and read, make up and dress on, work out and keep fit, practise and rehearsal, in order to make us feel better, or get someone we love, to or impress people, or get an interview, or realize our dreams. Some of us may feel confused and get lost in the course to realize our initial visions as we keep adjusting ourselves to the rules itself.

What we can do is keep going and remind ourselves who we are.

C‘est la vie.


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